Christmas 2014

by Brit Rodriguez

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It’s your time of year
the one you’ve been waiting for
I hide behind craft store deals while ads keep on blaring
I’m not in the mood
for anything you like to do
I’m just like the glitter on all of your ornaments I keep on falling
I’m just tired of all
the foam they keep passing off as snow
it’s almost as if you know
but I try to keep smiling

And this christmas
I’ll be the star up on your tree
I’m giving you all you ask of me
For them it’s so easy

Oh this christmas
I’ll stand under your mistletoe
I’ll try to not let my eyes roll
as you’re kissing me
I sing so typically

I’m awake all night
the neighbors are drunk on that Christmas wine
I’m hoping that they don’t fight,
but they’re a big family
And I cut my finger on
the cardboard wrapping paper roll
as I tried my best to hold
onto your tradition
I’ll wait till new years eve
I’m better when no one is around me
but i’ll keep my windows open
cause I still like the shouting


released 04 December 2014



all rights reserved


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